Essence of Eva

Laura Claire presents this flawless memorability of the industries finest and never forgotten female singer, Eva Cassidy. Essence of Eva reveals Eva’s heartbreaking story and fascinating facts and insights into the Eva we all love and miss. This captivating tribute closely recreates the magic of Eva who had 10 million record sales worldwide includes the greatest hits, Songbird, Fields of Gold, Autumn Leaves and of course Over the Rainbow, as well as a selection of songs by some of the legends that inspired her. (Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and more.)

Laura’s voice will take you on a soul-stirring journey through the life of Eva, making the tribute credible of Eva Cassidy as though she was alive once more. Essence of Eva adds a touch of class with visual imagery and a light show to create the mood and like Eva Cassidy, Laura Claire has the rare ability to move listeners with her soulful performance and stunning vocals, portraying Eva’s voice, heart felt lyrics and her style of music classics. Essence of Eva includes all of the greatest Eva hits, including Songbird, Fields of Gold, Autumn Leaves and best of all Over the Rainbow. Essence of Eva features Laura Claire’s self-contained show or with an acoustic guitarist this exceptional tribute will give you a night to remember and to have tissues at the ready in this heart warming and tearful spectacular.

Laura Claire has now had her dreams come true as Dan Cassidy, Eva’s brother and his musical duo James Hickman is performing at the launch of Essence of Eva, Eva Cassidy Tribute show.This show is the very first Eva Cassidy tribute Dan Cassidy has appeared to within the UK and is a once in a lifetime show not to be missed, so join Laura Claire and support her passion to continue the music and life of Eva Cassidy.The show will be a night to remember, so have tissues at the ready in this heart warming and tearful spectacular.